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18/11/2016 11:33
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DP 0220 - Impacts of Outsourcing on Wage: New Evidence for the Brazilian Debate

André Gambier Campos/ Brasília, November/2016

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This article brings empirical evidence for outsourcing debate in Brazil. This evidence is the result of a new methodology, which uses new microdata, recently released by the Ministry of Labour. With this methodology, it is possible to gather information about: i) 3,10 million employees with medium likelihood of being outsourced; ii) 0,92 million employees with high likelihood of being outsourced. And, when comparing wages of direct and outsourced employees, it is possible to notice that outsourced (with high likelihood) face a decrease in their wages, in most of the situations examined.
Keywords: outsourcing; employment; wage; regulation; State.



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